Quality lawn care and maintenance services delivered by local college and university students.

We thank you for choosing College Lawn Care for your lawn care and maintenance. College Lawn Care is committed to providing the college and university students with the opportunity to partially or fully fund their education while working part or full time (summer student positions are almost always available). As well, we are always looking for students who major or show an interest in the horticultural field. By teaming with College Lawn Care we offer those students the experience to gain some valuable field experience through the supervision and mentoring from an experienced team of landscapers. We hope to inspire the next generation of horticultural experts and business owners who will use the experience gained as a spring board to their professional careers in the horticultural or related industry. And in recognition of your support and loyalty we are offering the home and business owners the opportunity to get their landscaping done at high quality and affordable costs..


Spring and Fall Packages

Yard Care Services

Spring and fall are typically two times of year when your lawn is undergoing significant change by either waking up and getting ready to grow or preparing for winter hibernation and cold weather. The proper care and attention are required to prepare your lawn for the change of season …

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Services

A beautiful lawn does not just happen by itself. Just like any other part of your property, the lawn too needs regular maintenance. Lawn mowing is an essential part of that upkeep. The time you invest into keeping your lawn trim will pay off in how lush your lawn looks all summer long …

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Lawn Aeration

Lawn mowing will give you a good head start to a beautiful lawn and yard but there are other areas of the yard as well as other maintenance services that your yard requires. Lawn aeration, power raking, edging, are all services that your yard requires in order to maintain the curb appeal …

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilizer Services

Fertilizer and Weed Control do not only contribute for more beautiful lawn but contribute to the overall health and vigour of your lawn as well. By providing the proper levels of nutrition needed for the lawn to stay green and healthy as well as remove weeds that are competing with the turf in your yard …

Flower Bed Care

Flower Bed Care

Many urban households invest great time and resources in developing and growing additional green spaces such as flower beds, green areas, hedges, etc. Those additional green areas of your yard provide additional curb appeal to your property as well as provide shade and shelter for birds and small animals …

Snow & Ice Clearing

Snow Removal

We live so far north where winters are not only long but they also bring lots of precipitation and snowfall. In the spring time when the snow begins to melt but when the weather is still cold enough that the water freezes at night,  a home owner also has to deal with ice on sidewalks and other traffic areas that can …