Quality lawn care and maintenance services delivered by local college and university students.

We thank you for choosing College Lawn Care for your lawn care and maintenance. College Lawn Care is committed to providing the college and university students with the opportunity to partially or fully fund their education while working part or full time (summer student positions are almost always available). As well, we are always looking for students who major or show an interest in the horticultural field. By teaming with College Lawn Care we offer those students the experience to gain some valuable field experience through the supervision and mentoring from an experienced team of landscapers. We hope to inspire the next generation of horticultural experts and business owners who will use the experience gained as a spring board to their professional careers in the horticultural or related industry. And in recognition of your support and loyalty we are offering the home and business owners the opportunity to get their landscaping done at high quality and affordable costs..

Lawn Moving Services

Lawn Mowing Services

A beautiful lawn does not just happen by itself. Just like any other part of your real estate, the lawn too needs regular maintenance and upkeep. Lawn mowing is an essential part of that upkeep and maintenance.

Properly mowed lawn is more pleasing on the eye and adds to the overall curb appeal of your property. Furthermore, the regular mowing of your lawn helps the lawn develop the volume as well as control weeds, pest and disease. Upkept lawn allows better absorption of moisture and nutrients deeper down where roots are, furthermore promoting the growth of healthy and green lawn area within your yard.

Mowing your lawn at regular intervals will create less stress on the lawn (you should try to avoid removing more than one third of the blade length). For that reason, College Lawn Care recommends and offers weekly scheduled lawn cuts for a piece of a mind summer long yard service. We offer one-time, month-to-month as well as several packages that include lawn-mowing, fertilizer, power raking and more.

Let us do all the work and you take all the credit for having the greenest lawn in your neighbourhood.

Did You Know?

When you order any our Seasonal Monthly Packages, your Weekly Lawn Mowing Serivice is included with the package.

College Lawn Care services are provided by college and university students and professionally managed by experienced ground maintenance supervisors courtesy of LandShax Lawn Care and Property Management.

College Lawn Care offers following services: Spring and Fall Yard Care Packages, Lawn Mowing Services, Lawn and Yard Maintenance, Fertilizer and Weed Control, Flower Bed Care and Snow Removal. We offer on-demand services (one time) and seasonal monthly packages that offer best deal for the combination of services required for healthy lawn growth and sustenance. We offer free online quotes or if you wish you may call us to either our Edmonton location or our Calgary location to book your services.