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Importance of Spring Cleanup service for healthy year-long lawns …

Spring Cleanup is an important and essential service that should be performed every year right after the snow has melted from the ground.

As the snow has melted off the ground your lawn has became compacted from the weight of the snow it carried all winter long. Alberta winters are long and thus is even more important to get your lawn a grooming and uplift service before warm weather of spring and summer stimulate new growth.

In addition to giving your lawn more breathing space, the spring cleanup and in particular power rake, will remove dead vegetation, decomposing debris, pests and other contaminants that have accumulated over the winter and have worked its way into the thatch (the insulating area between an active growth area of your lawn and root network just below the surface that is nurturing and providing nutrients to your lawn.

By raking out the thatch layer of your lawn early in the spring, you will provide more oxygen to your lawn’s root area as well as provide better access to moisture from rainfalls and your sprinklers. You will also remove any diseased and dead grass, decomposing leaves, pests (small rodents such as mice may have made winter nests and burrows under the snow and left droppings and other debris that can carry disease and hinder growth of new grass in the spring.

Your spring cleanup also includes first lawn cut to trim any overgrown areas and further remove dead grass and other debris. In addition, we also recommend applying the first application of fertilizer and can also combine your spring cleanup service with other services such as bed care, tree and hedge pruning etc.

Spring Cleanup is the great service and provides great benefits in ensuring your lawn will develop full lush and green and will stay beautiful and healthy all season long.

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